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503Z Easy Load ≤1270mL/min
■Pressure - type sliding block mechanism easy assembly and disassembly, rapid convenient, simple operation.
■adjustable pressure pipe gap design, can adapt to the fluctuation of discharge pressure and adjust the tubing size.
■ linear tubing, U tubing, tubing can be mixed. Meet a variety of uses.
■A variety of joint - Optional: straight, rectangular, adjustable, extended joint.
■The 3 - roller roller structure, fluid transport smooth, small pulse wave.
■can be installed 24#, 35#, 36# card three, flow rate of up to 1270ml/min.

Flow Rate (ml/min,medium:clean water,U shape routine inside pump head,suction 0.3m) 

Motor DC planetary motor DC motor DC Brushless motor Stepper motor
150rpm 300rpm 166rpm 326rpm 150rpm 290rpm 0~300rpm
330 700 370 740 350 690 0~700
420 910 470 980 460 890 0~940
36# 530 1240 580 1280 610 1190 0~1270

1. Flow data in the above table is measured at Jieheng laboratory using water at room temperature, for reference purposes only.

2.Tube material, tube size tolerances, delivered media viscosity, suction&lift height etc. will affect the flow rate.

Dispense detergent:washing machine, dishwasher  Analytical instrument: analytical instrument sampler
Transfer ink: printing equipment Food machinery: beverage machine, coffee machine 
kitchen equipment Laundry equipment  


◆ Easy to install type sliding clamping tube mechanism, loading and dismounting tube fast and easy, making the operation more simple.
◆ Adjustable press-tube clearance design, adapt to tube wall fluctuations in size, to prevent dripping and over-pressure, you can adjust the output pressure.
◆ Can be straight tube loading, U-tube loading, but also to support the U-type and straight mixing tube, to meet a variety of uses.
◆ Adaptable DC, DC planetary, DC brushless, stepper motors. Pump head and motor shaft design in parallel, compact appearance.
◆ A variety of fittings for option: straight, right angle, reducing diameter, extended fittings.
◆ Can hold 24 #, 35 #, 36 # tubes, flow up to 1270ml / min.
◆ 3 roller structure, processed by the numerical control to meet the steady fluid delivery, small pulse fluctuations, to ensure the accuracy of delivery.


Model 503Z/ZLX 503Z/ZL 503Z/WTT 503Z/BT
Speed  150r~300rpm 166r~326rpm 150~290rpm  0~300rpm
Picture 503Z/ZLX 503Z/ZL 503Z/WTT
Tube 24#、35#、36#
Flow range 330~1240ml/min 370~1280ml/min 350~1190ml/min ≤1270ml/min
Motor power ≤32W ≤32W ≤24W ≤32W
Motor type  DC planetary motor DC motor DC motor 57 type Stepper motor
Mounting panel Pump included panel (mounting hole 4-Φ4.5)
Voltage 24V (12V for option) 24V (12V for option) 24V 24V
Weight 594g 710g 598g 896g
Fitting for option 90°fitting reducer fitting extended fitting  straight fitting
Fitting picture   

503Z/ZL Dimension 

503Z/ZLX Dimension 

503Z/WTT Dimension 

503Z/BT Dimension 

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