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JIHPUMP Tubing pump in wet spraying machine, wet concrete spraying machine application

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Tubing pump in wet sprayers, concrete wet jet is mainly used to add quick-setting agent. Tubing pump can precisely control the flow of quick-setting admixture to ensure stable and reliable addition of quick-setting admixture. When the quick-moving hose is used to deliver quick-setting admixture, the flow rate can be precisely adjusted and proportional to the rotating speed of the wet spraying machine. The discharge pressure up to 1MPa and very stable; the only vulnerable parts of the hose pump is squeeze hose, the maintenance is very small.
Concrete wet jet machine, wet jet machine is the current domestic and international lower construction dust, reduce rebound, save material and other good overall performance of anchor spray support equipment. Currently widely used in mines, culverts, construction pit support, river slope protection and other projects.

Wet spray machine and dry spray machine difference:

In principle, the dry spray is mixed with the material (non-water) into the jet mixer, add water at the nozzle, and then spray out under pressure; wet spray is mixed with the material (water) Put together after the injection machine, accelerate the accelerator at the nozzle, and then spray out under the pressure of the wind.

Use of concrete wet spray machine Concrete wet spray machine use:

1.greatly reducing the dust concentration outside the machine and the nozzle, eliminating the hazards to the health of workers.
2.pump wet spraying machine operating efficiency up to 10m3 / h, greatly improving the construction efficiency.
3.low rebound. Using wet pump spray wet spray, the rebound rate can be reduced to below 10%.
4.wet spray, the water-cement ratio is easy to control, a high degree of hydration of concrete, it can greatly improve the quality of sprayed concrete and improve the uniformity of concrete.
Wet spraying machine in order to spray out the concrete fast curing both need to discharge a certain proportion of solid concrete uninterrupted adding quick-setting agent, wet spraying machine, concrete wet jetting machine used in the pump there are the following problems:

1.the amount of quick-setting admixture when large and small, the flow is not accurate.
2.adding quick-setting agent discharge pressure instability.
3.the pump used to add more easily damaged, not easy to maintain.
4.adding quick-setting pump inconvenient to accurately adjust the size of the flow rate, the speed is not easy to form a proportional relationship with the wet spray machine.
The end customer found us and used our hose pump. Due to the advantages of the hose pump, the hose pump can well meet the needs of wet spraying machine delivery of quick-setting agent.
Tubing pump advantages:
1.easy installation, simple operation, continuous operation for a long time;
2.pumping fiber-containing paddle body, shear sensitivity (such as egg yolk), abrasive or gas-liquid mixture of the perfect choice;
3.can easily pump aggressive fluids, high viscosity, high-density paste fluid;, quiet and dry operation;
5.maintenance-free, the transmission medium only contact the hose, do not touch the pump body, the hose is the only consumable, replace a hose just a few minutes;
6.there is no need to replace the seals, valves, diaphragms, gaskets, impeller rotor, stator or piston and other traditional pump functional parts;
7.hygienic level pump, liquid flow only inside the hose, easy to clean, maintenance-free, reduce spare parts costs and maintenance costs;
8.the pump can be reversed, the fluid can be sent back and sucked back (usually installed inverter);
9.there is no backflow and siphon phenomenon, with stop valve function;
10.strong self-absorption and export pressure, installation flexibility, without debugging;
11.pump fluid and speed is proportional to accurate measurement, flow with good reproducibility


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