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603Z Easy Load ≤2170mL/min
■Without pull-type pump cover and suppression block, so easy to change tubing;
■3-roller, low-pulse and large-flow rate
■Exquisite appearance, small size, combination of industrial and artistic;
■Tight bearing structure to avoid bearing loosing under high-speed operation;
■Improved fitting and tubing slot structure, and connect fitting and pump tightly;
■Coming with mounting panel
■Certificated by CE、UL、RoHS and other technology certifications

Flow Rate(ml/min,medium:clean water)
Motor DC planetary gear motor DC gear motor DC brushless speed motor Stepper motor
Rotary speed
150rpm 300rpm 166rpm 326rpm 150~290rpm 0~300rpm
465 1000 570 1160 525~1015 0~1035
640 1440 765 1635 725~1400 0~1445
36# 885 2040 1155 2170 995~1920 0~1935
1.Above date is measured in JIHPUMP laboratory at room temperature , for reference only;
2.Tubing material, size, Viscosity, suction and lifting length will have some impact on flow rate. 


Transfer Detergent: Washing Machines, Dishwashers Analytical Instruments: Analytical Instruments 
Injection Printing Equipment: Delivery Ink Food Machinery: Beverage Machine,Coffee machine
Kitchen Equipment Laundry Equipment


◆Can fine tune the tightness of tubing and adjust the gap between suppression block and tubing, so as to fit with tiny change of tubing;
◆Approximately straight-line peristaltic pump, shorten the line that liquid inside the pump;

◆Detachable up suppression block, so as to ensure change tubing easily;
◆3-roller and controllable low-pulse to keep the flow rate stable;
◆Can load with 2.4mm wall thickness tubing, such as 24#、35# and 36#;
◆Can adapt with DC planetary gear motor, DC gear motor, DC brushless speed motor and stepper motor;
◆Mounting holes on the base of motor.

Item  603Z/ZLX 603Z/ZL 603Z/WTT 603Z/BT
Rotary speed  150r、300rpm 166r、326rpm 150~290rpm  0~300rpm
Picture  603Z/ZLX
603Z/ZL 603Z/WTT 603Z/BT
Tubing 24#、35#36#
Flow rate 465~2040ml/min 570~2170ml/min 525~1920ml/min ≤1935ml/min
Power ≤32W ≤32W ≤24W ≤32W
Motor Type DC planetary gear motor DC gear motor DC brushless speed motor 57 Stepper motor
Motor coming with mounting plate (mounting hole 4-Φ4.5) any control board ofJIHPUM in option
Voltage 24V(12V in option) 24V (12V in option) 24V 24V
Weight 640g 688g 656g 922g

603Z/ZL Dimension

603Z/ZL Dimension

603Z/ZLX Dimension

603Z/ZLX Dimension

603Z/WTT Dimension

603Z/WTT Dimension

603Z/BT Dimension

603Z/BT Dimension

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