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Jieheng will participate in the 9th International Textile Exhibition

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The ninth international textile processing (laundry) Asia exhibition will be held at the N4 and N5 Pavilion of the New International Expo Centre in Shanghai from 27 to 29 September 2017. As Asia's largest and most professional washing industry exhibition, this exhibition has received widespread support from exhibitors, the exhibition area of over 20000 square meters, over 160 exhibitors, more than 50% of them are international brands, Jieheng company will participate in the exhibition, will be common to the industry presents a gluttonous feast.
Frankfurt Asia laundry exhibition is a professional international exhibition of modern textile processing industry. As the leading laundry exhibition in Asia, it provides excellent display and communication platform for manufacturers and suppliers in the washing and dry cleaning industry. The exhibition features a wide range of cutting-edge products, intelligent solutions and advanced technologies for dry cleaning, ironing, dyeing and textile management systems.
Asia International Laundry equipment and technology industry event
As Asia international washing equipment and technology industry event, the international professional textile processing (washing) Asia Exhibition oriented washing equipment and technology industry professionals, the exhibition covers washing, cleaning and drying, folding and ironing machinery, measurement tools, washing system and complete each link related accessories and other related products and services.
Washing, dry cleaning, drying, ironing, folding, conveying, packaging and other machinery, equipment, installation technology and accessories
Washing, dry cleaning, removing stains, disinfecting and dyeing chemicals
Leasing services for textiles, equipment and accessories
Laundry chain, brand store or service provider
Environmental protection testing instruments, sewage treatment and recycling systems and equipment
Energy and energy saving technologies and equipment used in textile processing
Laundry and room design and construction
O2O laundry, RF technology and logistics
Clean the carpet, flooring, furniture and building the use of large equipment and accessories
Training institutions, management software, associations, media, services and others
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