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JIHPUMP New Product 603K

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Jie Heng 603k

This 603K is the first innovative product developed by Jie Heng peristaltic pump in 2017. The product continues the concept of "Jie Heng peristaltic pump - clean transmission technology pioneer", the first to adopt the "no pump" cover structure, all the objectives are to solve the problem of changing pipes, and further improve your operation efficiency. At the same time, the strength and fit of the material are further optimized to improve the accuracy and comprehensive performance of the viscous liquid conveying.

The same 603K peristaltic pump can also be configured with a variety of motors and connectors, flexible configuration allows you to use more convenient. The color is simple, atmospheric ivory, and can be matched well with other components, whether as an appearance or a built-in part.
Product brief:
 - Nopump Gellar pulling block mechanism, quick change tube
 - 3wheel design, stable flow and ensure the flow of value does not reduce the scope of controllable pulse
In the assembly of stepping motor, dc gear motor, planetary gear motor, brushless DC gear motor
- can be installed 24# 35# and 36# peristaltic pump hose, easy conveying viscous liquid
In the adaptive joint card slot, convenient disassembling and assembling joint
In the streamlined design, with mounting holes, no additional mounting plate
- with a direct head and right angle joints, pipeline direction can freely switch
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