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3 key points for selecting the tubing

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3 key points for selecting the tubing
First,the tubing. 
1.Please select tubing according to chemical quality of tubing ,the temperature of pumped liquid and the suction;

2.Please consider that tubing’s life is influenced by usage conditions.

The principles of peristaltic pump:
Acid, alkali, solvent, suspension, dispersion, crude oil, grease, sludge, sludge, colorant, paint, detergent, shampoo, lotion, hand cream, detergent , surface activated mud, porcelain pulp, lime slurry, clay pulp slurry, magma, mud, mortar, explosive pulp, lubricants
Second,the pump head
1.Tubing replacement frequency: All the pump heads can change the tubing easily and quickly except BZ series; quantity: please select multi-channel pump head or pump head in series when have requirement on multiple channels.
3.chemical resistance; please consider the impact when liquid contacting pump head directly.
Third. Motor.
1.flow rate: the high rotary speed, the bigger flow rate;
2.control formations: fixed or adjustable flow rate; regulate flow rate; flow rate dispensing and outside controlling.
3.Protecting and maintenance:users should consider sealing, dust-proof and water-proof requirement according to working environment.

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