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JIHPUMP Advantages and typical use of hose pumps

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Advantages of the tubing of JIHPUMP

1.easy installation, simple operation, continuous long-term operation;
2.pumping fiber-containing paddle, sensitive shear(such as egg yolk), perfect choice for abrasive or gas-liquid mixture;
3.can easily pump aggressive fluid, high viscosity, high density paste fluid;
4.can pump nothing quiet and safe.
5.maintenance-free, transferring medium only contacting the tube, without touching the pump; the tubing is the only consumable product, replacing the tubing just needs a few minutes;
6.there is no need to replace the seals, valves, diaphragms, gaskets, impeller rollers, stator or piston and other traditional functional parts of the pump; level pump, liquid only flows inside tubing; easy to clean, maintenance-free, reduce spare parts costs and maintenance costs;
8.the pump can be shifted direction, the fluid can be sent out and sucked back (usually the installation of the inverter); return and siphon phenomenon, but valve function;
10.strong self-priming ability and high export pressure, easy to install and convenient;
11.pump fluid is proportional to speed, can accurately measure; the flow has a good reproducibility
Typical applications of the tubing of JIHPUMP
1.Chemical industry: acid, alkali, phosphate slurry and titanium dioxide and other inorganic salt material pumping;
2.Petrochemical: drilling mud and crude oil;
3.Water treatment: sludge, lime slurry;
4.Mining, metallurgical industry: such as filling materials in the process of gold mining, pulp transferring in the process of gold smelting;
5.Pharmaceutical industry: a variety of pharmaceutical liquid delivery, spray drying, spray granulation supporting;
6.Food industry: oil materials and beverage delivery;
7.Paper industry: pulp, sulfur pulp transferring;
8.Construction industry: cement mortar and additive delivery;
9.Ceramic industry: ceramic glaze pulp delivery;
10.Paint industry: paint, glue, etc., titanium dioxide industry: titanium dioxide slurry
11.Phosphorus compound fertilizer industry: slurry, magnetic materials industry, magnetic mud, dyeing (Yan) materials industry slurry, nuclear waste, electrolytic waste, metal slag, paint, adhesives, glue, latex, refractory fiber pulp and so on.

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