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Selection method of peristaltic pump constant flow pump and hose pump

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The introduction for the principle of peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump is called constant current pump because of stable flow rate and squeezing tubes to achieve to pump fluid.

The principle of peristaltic pump is very simple. That rollers press tubes and roll to push liquid inside tubes to move forward and liquid to flow, just like pressing tubes filled with liquid by fingers, inner side of tubes will form negative pressure and liquid move forward with fingers moving forward.

The characters of peristaltic pump, constant current pump and tubing pump:
1. None-pollution: fluid contact the pump tube only and do not touch the pump;
2. High precision: high accuracy, high stability is up to 0.5%; the flow rate can be adjusted accurately;
3. Low shear force: the ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive, and highly corrosive fluid;
4. Corrosion resistance: can deliver a variety of fluids, such as organic machine, corrosive liquid;
5.Can idle or empty operation;
6.Can pump air or gas, liquid and solid mixture;
7. Can be self-priming, no need to pump and empty;
8. can operate cw and ccw: to suck back by changing the operation direction of pump;
9. Simple maintenance: no valves and seals, only need to change the tubing;
10.have function of shut-off and check valve, no siphoning, no sealing part
The way to choose peristaltic pump, constant current pump and tubing pump.

The complete peristaltic pump consist of below 3 parts:

Pump head+tubing+motor

First step: confirm your application.

1.Your required flow rate;
2.Pumped liquid;
3.Another requirement, such as Viscosity, pressure, shear sensitivity, solid contamination.
Second step: selecting pump due to flow rate
1.operate complete peristaltic pump once access to power supply;
2.Selecting accessories to pumps;

Third step: selecting pump head and tubing
1.selecting pump head and tubing according to flow rate and operation time
2.selecting pump head and tubing material according to chemical quality of liquid.

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