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5 main points of choosing peristaltic pump drive

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Most peristaltic pump manufacturers have considered the interchangeability between the pump head and the motor to some extent. Selecting the motor according to the type of control motor, which is particularly important in the early stages of peristaltic pump testing and various types of research. JIHPUMP is a professional manufacturer of peristaltic pump. the following 4 points to select suitable motor:

1.fixed speed motor: it represents the simplest fluid delivery. The peristaltic pump system can always maintain a constant operating speed throughout the process of operation, and sometimes change the flow rate by replacing the peristaltic pump tubing size.

2.variable speed drive: In some applications in which large flow rate is required especially, users may consider variable speed drive. Pumping the right flow at the right time requires some skill, and the variable speed drive is usually stepless between the lowest and maximum speeds.

3.the motor speed, reduction ratio, and the percentage of speed adjustment are 3 key points to select the peristaltic pumps. The reversal characteristics of the motor help to clean the suction line before replacing the pump tubing. display: the controller with a microprocessor can improve the peristaltic pump running level. Strict tubing control and load regulation can ensure smooth delivery of the fluid. Customers only need to simply adjust your peristaltic pump system to display flow and other important setup guides on a digital display.
5.remote control: it is more and more important for peristaltic pump to used in the automation system for laboratory or industrial control. Controlled functions includes start or stop, reverse, irrigation pump, distribution or copy, speed and so on.

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