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What is peristaltic pump?

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The peristaltic pump consists of three parts: the motor, the pump head and the tube. The fluid is isolated in the pump tube, which can quickly replace the tube, clockwise and counter-clockwise operate, and run without liquid. The maintenance cost is low, Above have contributed to main competitive advantages for peristaltic pump.

The peristaltic pump is like pushing a fluid-filled tube with your fingers。With the finger sliding forward,the fluid moves forward. The peristaltic pump adapt with same principle, however, the finger is replaced by the finger. According to the elasticity of tubes, alternatively press and release tube by 2 fingers. Just like with two fingers to press and release the tube, with the fingers moving forward, the inside of the tube will inform negative pressure and liquid will flow with the negative pressure.
The peristaltic pump will form a U-shape liquid in tube between 2 rollers. The volume of the U-shape liquid depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and the geometrical characteristics of the rollers. The flow depends on the product of rotary speed of the pump head , the size of the U-shape liquid, and the number of U-shape liquid generated by each rotary turn. The size of the U-shape liquid is generally constant (except for condition when pumping extremely viscous fluids).
Comparing with rollers with the same diameter, the pump with larger volume of U-shape liquid will cause larger liquid volume of each turn, but the pulsation is also larger, which is similar to the case of a membrane valve. As for pumps which form smaller volume of U-shape liquid, they will cause smaller liquid volume of each turn, which will form U-shape liquid quickly and constantly and make flowing of liquid more stable. 
1.None-pollution: fluid contact the pump tube only and do not touch the pump;
2.High precision: high accuracy, high stability;
3.Low shear force: the ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive, and highly corrosive fluid;
4.Good sealing: a good self-priming ability, idling, and circumfluence-proof.
5.Simple maintenance: no valves and seals;
6.The pump comes with two-way and equal flow transferring capacity; the pump’s idling will not cause damage for any component of pump; the pump  produce up to 98% vacuum; Without valves, mechanical seals and packing seals, there is no such leakage and maintenance; The pump can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed fluid, allowing the inner meter of solid in the fluid to at most reach 40% of the tube; It can transport a variety of grinding, corrosion, oxygen-sensitive materials and foods ; Only the tube is need replacing, and the replacement operation is extremely simple; in addition to the tube, the pumped liquid dose not contact with any parts.

1.Pressure limitations: with flexible tube, the pressure will be limited.
2.The pump will produce a pulse flow during operation, and the solution is to use a pulse suppressor
The pulse suppressor is a simple positioning container, its working principle is that pulse flow will be sucked by sagged part of air pocket of on the liquid, according to the air is more compressible than the liquid.
3.Peristaltic pump can realize flow changes by adjusting the speed and change the diameter of the pump, but peristaltic pump flow range is relatively narrow
Chemical industry; mining, metallurgical industry; paper industry; paint coatings industry; food industry; ceramic industry; oil industry; water treatment industry; pharmaceutical industry; and medical equipment industry;
Routine Maintanance
In the daily use, please replace tubes after long-term use, which will not cause silicone tube damage easily, the liquid exuded from the tube flow into the rollers of pump head. Corrosive liquid flow into the roller aperture, so pump head should be dismounted and cleaned , in order to weathered avoid weathering in the roller aperture, will cause the phenomenon of pump head stuck. Hose in the course of the use of specific pumps according to the frequency of the use of timely replacement, or often move the location, if the liquid has a strong corrosive, please select the appropriate material of the imported hose, so as to avoid damage to the pump.
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