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The Remarkable Advantage of Peristaltic Pump of JIHPUMP

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In the modern process industry, the pump is widely used. There are hundreds of varieties, and peristaltic pump is only one of them. This pump is a unique pump, integrated mechanical and electrical. The most significant advantage is that the pump tube will be used as a working room, so called tube pump. It is also be called constant flow pump because of its adjustable flow and accurate reproducibility. Customers can clean up tube by pumping clean water or washing liquid and change pumped liquid by changing tubes, because pumped liquid just contacts with tubes and avoid crossed contamination between the pump and tube. Furthermore, the pump can transfer liquid which including solid (such as sewage, mud, and fluid extract of Chinese herbs). With below advantages, such as self-suction, self-locking, none-seals and -valves, easy operation and easy maintenance, the peristaltic pump can be widely used.

1.pumps can change tubes quickly, operate with cw or ccw direction, and idle. 
2.None-pollution: fluid contact the pump tube only and do not touch the pump;
3.High precision: high accuracy, high stability;
4.Low shear force: the ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive, and highly corrosive fluid;
5.Good sealing: a good self-priming ability, idling, and circumfluence-proof.
6.Simple maintenance: no valves and seals;
7.liquid, gas, solid, or multiphase mixture can be pumped.
Disadvantages: 1.the tube is easily consumable; 
2.pump tubes and pumped liquid will cause chemical compatibility; 
3.the pressure of pumped liquid is not high. 
Therefore, you should take full account of these restrictions when selecting a pump.

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