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Laboratory areas: Peristaltic pumps have extremely high accuracy and repeatability in small volume fluid distribution and metering. They do not only depend on any other valve, but also avoid the common fluid blocking and siphoning phenomenon. Common laboratory applications: cell tissue transport, specimen decolorization, perfusion, liquid chromatography and acid or alkaline solution transferring.

Pharmaceuticals: peristaltic pumps are extremely popular in pharmaceutical companies because they meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturing "GMP". Such as: pumping liquid extract, coating fluid, biological filling, etc..

General areas: peristaltic pump can work in the occasion, such as continuous transferring  fluid. As the same time, it can detect and solve many difficult problems in the process of fluid transferring. It can transfer sewage, suspended solids, corrosive chemicals, and other viscous fluids and flow rate can be up to 720 L/H (12L/min). The motor can cope with harsh working environment. And the peristaltic pump can avoid disastrous failures according to its own self-irrigation and idling capacity. Some common application: fuel solutions, etching solutions, printing inks, laundry chemicals, chemical solutions, grinding fluids, lubricating fluids

Food chemical process: smooth delivery of viscous fluids and soft particles, and fast self-cleaning capacity - make them very popular. Common applications: distribution of juices, yogurts, flavorings, syrups, and other foods in the food line or single machine.
Now,hundreds of thousands of peristaltic pumps from JIHPUMP work well in the world. 

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