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Properties of Peristaltic Pump in JIHPUMP

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Properties of Peristaltic Pump in JIHPUMP






What’s working


A flexible tube is rolled by a rotating rollers, and the fluid in the tube moves as the roller rotates. As with two fingers squeezing the hose, the flow of the liquid follows the movement of the fingers. Jie Heng peristaltic pump is the use of this principle, in the runner and block between the fingers as the extrusion effect, resulting in negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of pumping.

What’s advantages

No pollution: liquid only touch hose, easy to clean, replace hose, only a few seconds.
High efficiency and low energy consumption: self suction, one-way valve capacity
High precision: packing and reproduction accuracy can reach 1% ~ 0.5%.
Low shear: pump shear sensitive liquid and organic solvent, can transport solid fluid.
Low maintenance: quick insertion, no valves and seals, hoses are the only wearing parts

What are the peristaltic pumps made of?

A complete peristaltic pump consists of three parts: a drive, a pump head and a hose. The actuator provides power, and the pump head is an extrusion mechanism. The hose is extruded and produces negative pressure through the fluid.


What is the function of the drive?

The drive device is mainly composed of an electric motor, a power supply and a circuit board, wherein the motor provides drive torque, the power supply is used for the circuit board to supply power, and the circuit board controls the motor

What are the categories of drives?

General a stepper motor drive control system, brushless DC drive control system, brushless DC drive control system, stepping motor system is the most common, can accurately control the flow, but less torque is not suitable for driving large pump head, brushless DC system can provide more torque, suitable for high flow applications, there are DC generally have larger size and weight.

The pump head and drive pump can separate the purchase?

You can, in order to use convenient, the pump head and drive pump can be combined flexibly and conveniently purchase.

Can a drive pump multiple pumps at the same time?

Yes, a plurality of pump heads can be mounted on the drive shaft of the same drive on a drive.

Pump head

What is the function and importance of the pump head?

The pump head is very critical, the execution component, its quality directly affect the quality of the product, material is generally made of metal material, engineering plastics (advanced strong corrosion resistant plastic PSU, PPS plastic, senior general engineering plastics)

Do you have more pump head and different caliber HOSE?

Yes, in order to better meet the needs of fluid transportation in various industries, we have different drives, pumps and hoses to choose from.

Pump pipe

The pump is important?

Yes, the pump is a pump chamber. The pump has suction elastic strength; compressive strength; degree of flexibility determines the service life; the diameter of the decision flow, the wall thickness determines the efficiency of the pump.

What about chemical resistance?

The choice depends on the pump tube material, different materials can withstand different liquids. Such as strong acid base, organic solvents, etc..

The pump can be used?

Life depends on the pump in the pump speed and pressure pump, pump tube material and chemical compatibility, and transmission of liquid wear.

What is the impact on the speed of the pump pump life?

The pump speed is low, the longer the life of the pump.

How common pump life?

From hundreds of hours to tens of thousands of hours, because of different materials and different pump.

The pump is suitable for food and aseptic applications?

Can pump, peristaltic pump hose is special, according to the needs of the hose can provide different use requirements.

Can the hose purchased on the market be used for peristaltic pumps?

No, the peristaltic pump hose is dedicated, and its wall thickness, elasticity, compression and anti-wear are required.


How large can the peristaltic pump reach the flow range?

Low flow rate can reach to 0.001ml/min ~ 35L/min. large hose pump can reach 50m fand /h.

What's the accuracy of Jay's peristaltic pump?

The transportation and reproduction accuracy of the Jie Heng peristaltic pump can reach + 1 to 0.5%

What is the effect of fluid viscosity on the transmission process?

All fluid delivery is based on water at 20 degrees centigrade. The increase of fluid viscosity will remove the low flow rate.

What effect does the specific gravity of fluid have on transportation?

All fluid delivery is based on water at a temperature of 20 DEG C and a specific gravity of 1. If the specific gravity is increased, then the velocity and flow are divided by the specific gravity.

Do you need to set the backflow counter valve in this pump?

No, the peristaltic pump has the function of stop valve. It can reverse flow both ways.

Is the constant peristaltic pump ready for dry running?

Yes, the principle of peristaltic pump determines that the pump can be idle, dry, rotating, can pump gas, liquid, gas-liquid mixture.

Can the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump deliver liquid and abrasive fluids containing impurities?

Sure。 Particles and impurities in the liquid conveying pipe diameter is less than or equal to the diameter of the diameter of 1/3, slurry viscosity depends on the material and elastic tubing.

Does the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump have self-priming capability?

Yes, Jay Heng peristaltic pumps can produce 660mm mercury column vacuum, that is, 8.8 meters water column height.

Is the flow and speed of the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump proportional to the rotational speed of the pump head?

Yes, the pump head every turn to produce a fixed flow output, the faster the speed of its flow is greater, the limit flow speed is generally about 400rpm.

Is there no siphon in the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump?

No, peristaltic pump pump pump head is always pressing and pressing wheel and is in a closed state, so long as the ends of the pressure within the pump rated pressure in the range of pump and pump head will not appear on the natural flow of fluid.

Can the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump be reversed?

Yes, the peristaltic pump works both positive and negative directions.

What is the maximum outlet pressure?

According to the system, the pressure rating of the peristaltic pump can be divided into three kinds, 0.17MP, 0.2MP, 0.27MP. It depends on the pump head type and hose;
Jie Heng high-pressure hose pump pressure can reach 0.6MP-1MP.

What is the maximum inlet pressure?

Usually the pressure is 0.27MP, because the pipe wall thickness and different materials and different.

What is the maximum suction range?

The maximum suction range can reach 8.8m water column.

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