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OEM Speed control board(JBT-C stepper motor)

■12V-24V DC supplies, directly drive stepper motor within 2.2A;

■Operate On/Off, Cw/Ccw, Up/Down Speed via button;

■Controlled by RS485 communication;

■Controlled by analog signal 4-20mA,0-5V,0-10V;

■Speed range 0~600rpm;

■On/Off,cw/ccw relay output.

Instruction of Function

JBT-C speed control board is a type of OEM speed adjustment board, used in speed adjustment for stepper motor. It integrates driving and controlling. It can realize functions such as On/Off, Cw/Ccw, speed Up/Down.


It can accept internal control--DIP switch; external control--analog signal(4-20mA,0-5V,0-10V) and RS485 communication.
On/Off, Cw/Ccw relay output condition

Technical Parameter 

Power supply

DC12V-24V(Matching power should be more than 96W)


On/Off, Cw/Ccw, Up/Down Speed

Output Condition

JDQ1 close--motor on, disconnected--motor offJDQ2 close--motor Cw, disconnected--motor Ccw

Speed range


Button Control

The factory set is button-speed adjustment (DIP switch 1# set to OFF): Access to membrane button switch, and then adjust speed, control Cw/Ccw On/Off, set the operation program.

Internal control

Built-in speed adjustmentl (DIP switch 1# is ON, 2# is OFF, 3#4# is used to set the speed): The speed is adjusted by the DIP switch. (Refer to the description of the DIP switch combination for details)

Analog control

External analog linear speed controlDIP switch 1# 2# ON, conbination of 3 # and  4 # to select mode:0-5V0-10V4-20mA

Digital control

RS485MODBUS communication (DIP switch 1#2# ON3#4# OFF)

Working Environment

0-80℃relative humidity≤85%


Potentiometer can adjust current, current 2.2A



Function Display

Standard 4-digit LED digital display motor speed


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