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OEM Speed control board (JBT-B stepper motor)
■Drive directly stepper motor within 2.2 current.
■It can be fixed at the end of the motor 42 type and 57 type and installed separately.
■Voltage is from 12 to 24v to.
■Function: starting and stopping , cw and ccw operation and speed adjustment; accepting analog and digital communication
■Rotary speed range: 0-600rpm;
■ This board can drive any type of OEM stepper motor.

Instruction of Function

  JBT-B speed control board is a type of OEM speed control board, used in speed adjustment for stepper motor. This micro stepper motor control board integrates driving and controlling. Customers can realize functions such as cw and ccw operation, starting and stopping, speed adjustment with this board;
  The control panel control speed with DIP switch, can accept external analog signal to adjust the speed, and can also accept 485 digital signal control.
  the control panel can be equipped with JIHPUMP’S  full series of peristaltic pump, directly fixed in the stepper motor tail of 42 type and 57 type, and can also fixed separately.


Power supply DC12V-24V(Matching power supply power can not be lower than 96W)
Function starting and stopping , cw and ccw operation and speed adjustment
Rotary speed 0.1-600rpm
Internal control Internal speed adjustment(DIP switch 1# for OFF2#3#set rated speed):The speed is adjusted by the DIP switchDetails in DIP switch combination specification
Analog control External analog linear speed control(DIP switch 1# for ON, combination 2 # and  3 # of selecting analog signal and digital communication0-5V0-10V4-20mA
Digital control RS485MODBUSagreement(DIP switch 1# for ON2#3# for OFF)
Working environment 0-80℃,relative humidity≤85%
Current Potentiometer can adjust current, current 2.2A
Size L62*W73*H34

OEM Speed control board Dimension

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