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OEM Speed Controller (JZL-A for DC Motor)

Most of time, DC motor do not need speed adjustment. Once connected to the DC power ,the pump can be used speed control which is not so precise. We provide professional DC speed control board, and adjustable speed ranges from 50% to 100%.

      If rotary speed falls , the motor torque will reduce; Make sure that the drive torque is sufficient, or long-term blockage will burn the motor.

Instruction of Function


      Micro Speed Controller board of JIHPUMP is suitable with medium-power and small-power DC Brush Motor for speed speed adjustment and controlling . With PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) linear speed controlling mode, high efficiency, stable and reliable performance characteristics, the unique current protection function can protect the motor effectively and extend the working life of the motor.

Input power  12V-24V,3A 100W
 Rotary speed  0~fixed speed
 Installation size  
Wiring pins


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