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253D Easy Load Head ≤6000mL/min
◆Max flow 6000ml/min
◆Suitable for tube 35#,36#
◆253D can be in series, thereby the pump can expand channels and flow rate
◆Rollers are made of 304 stainless steel, Pump head housing PPS engineering plastics, which can resist from strong acid.
◆Quick-fit briquettes design to quickly change tubes and maintenance easily

Introduction of Function

253D pump head can be adapted with tube 35# or 36#. Max flow rate can reach 6 L/min. Meanwhile 253D pump head can be in series operation, thereby to multiply flow rate and pump in liquid pumping. Pump head material is PPS engineering plastics which can stand major organic solvent as strong acid, alkali. Rollers are made from stainless steel to reach industrial grade utilization demand. Briquettes can be dismounted easily to change tubes easily. With high performance, 253D pump head can apply in lab, industrial manufacture and other variable lines.


◆Adapted with tube 35#,36#
◆Rollers are made of 304 stainless steel, housing of PPS with high intensity and strong acid-alkali & organic solvent resistance
◆Easy load briquettes design, customers can change tubes easily. 
◆Easy load press lock design can change tube quickly                                         


Model #


Roller num



35# 36#

Flow rate


Rotary speed

30~600rpm(controlled by controller)

253D Easy Load Pump Head Dimension

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