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253Yx Easy Load Head ≤3000mL/min

◆ Max flow 3L/min

 Industrial design, streamline appearance

◆ Unique dust-proof rear cover design to clean up easily


◆ Rollers is made of imported 304 stainless steel or engineering plastic.

◆ Housing is made from PPS or PSU.
◆ Precision mold forming technology, industrial design, streamline appearance
◆ Unique dust-proof rear cover design to clean up easily
◆ 153Yx and 253Yx have the same size and structure. The difference is that the 153Yx can only be installed 1.6mm wall tube, 253Yx 2.4mm wall tube (Thicker wall tube to produce a larger negative pressure than thinner tube, so 253Yx flow should also be larger. Thick-walled tube is more wear-resistant than thin tube).

Model # 253Yx-SS (housing: PPS, rollers: stainless steel)
253Yx-SP (housing: PPS, rollers: POM)
253Yx-US (housing: PSU, rollers: stainless steel)
253Yx-UP (housing: PSU, rollers: POM)
Roller num 3 rollers
Tube 15#   24#   35#   36#(wall 2.4mm)
Flow range 0-3000ml/min
Speed range 0.1~600rpm

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