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DGx Multi-channel Head ≤716mL/min

◆ Streamline, card-type, multi-channel, low-pulse and high-accuracy pump head
◆ Fast-assembling card-type structure, easy to change tubing
◆ 8 rollers can realize low pulse pumping, to ensure high precision.
◆ Pressed tube gap can be fine-tuned to ensure flow consistency.
◆ 1,2,3 or 4 channels are optional. Each channel flow rate is 0~716ml/min.

Introduction of Function

■ DGx multi-channel peristaltic pump head ≤716mL/min

■ DGx pump head with streamlined design, can be installed tube 14#, 16#, 25#, a wide flow range, single channel flow rate is 0~716ml/min (flow rate depends on the drive controller).

With roller material for the 304 stainless steel, pump housing material for the PPS, strong corrosion resistance, the pump can be used as an analytical test equipment and can also be used for sets of peristaltic pump.

■ Quickly load tube-clamp card structure, it is very convenient for customers to change , clean tubes and recover.

8 working roller, low roller gap can achieve low pulse to ensure that the flow rate of high precision, the tube-clamp cassette has a fine-tuning button to adapt to the tube wall thickness changes, the channel flow rate and output pressure can be fine-tuned.

Customers can choose the number of channels according to their needs, we provide 1,2,3,4 channel specifications for you to choose, the entrance can be combined with the three-way connecter to achieve flow rate multiply.


With streamlined design, the pump can be used as a device plug-in components

With multi-channel pump head and card-clamp type compact design, the pump can save equipment space

Low pulse, high precision, a variety of material tubes

Each channel can be fine-tuned separately


Model # DGx1(8)、 DGx2(8)、DGx3(8)、DGx4(8)
Roller num 8 rollers
Tube 14#   16#   25#
Flow rate 0~716ml/min
Rotary speed 0~600rpmcontrolled be controller


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