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DG Multi-channel Head ≤48mL/min

■Multi channels can pump fluid at equal flow rate.
■Suitable for tube diameter within 3.2mm,easy mounting/dismounting tubes.    
■Adjust pressed tube interval with handle on each channel, to suit various wall thickness 

■10 rollers with low pulse for standard.


DG series micro-flow multi-channel peristaltic pump head, each channel has a separate tube holder cassette, the pump tube is mounted on the cassette, the cassette can be fitted with different diameter tube, forming a plurality of channels at the same time proportional delivery fluid. 

Model #  DG1(10)   DG2(10)    DG4(10)   DG6(10)   DG8(10)   DG10(10)
Roller material  POM
Roller num  10 rollers
Speed range  0~160rpm

1*1   2*1   3*1


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