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313KB Easy Load ≤1738mL/min

■ Straight-line type peristaltic pump, to realize relative short route of pumped fluid. 
■ Pressing-tube structure is dismountable, easy and convenient tube replacement.   
■ 3-roller design with low pulse and big flow rate.
■ Compact structure, small space occupation.
■ Several types of motors available, it can meet your application requirements.

■Coming with mounting board.

■Certified by CE、UL、RoHS and so on.

Flow Rate(ml/min,medium:clean water)
Motor DC planetary gear motor DC gear motor DC brushless speed motor Stepper motor
Rotary Speed 300rpm 166rpm 326rpm 150~290rpm 0-300rpm
24#(6.4×2.4) 975  537 1055 467-902 0-975
35#(7.9×2.4) 1433 885 1738 714-1380

Transport Detergent: Washing Machines, Dishwashers Analytical Instruments: Analytical Instruments 
Injection Printing Equipment: Delivery Ink Food Machinery: Beverage Machine,Cola syrup machine
Kitchen Equipment Laundry Equipment

◆Researched and developed by JIHPUMP Co., LTD, its technology is advanced and quality reliable.
◆ Entrance and exit of pumping fluid are straight-line, In the vertical fluid route system, the route is shorter.
◆ Dismountable press-tubing structure, to ensures that operator change tubing very quickly 
◆ 3-roller design, to ensure that flow rate not decrease.
◆ Compact structure design, occupies relative small space and offers more possibility for your system ‘s minimization.
◆ Loaded tubing 24# & 35# of wall 2.4mm and transfer viscous fluid easily. 
◆ Mounted stepper motor, DC gear motor, DC planetary gear motor & DC brushless planetary gear motor.
◆ On the pump base, there are mounting holes, so customers have no need to mount mounting panel, which saves application cost

Item 313KB/ZLX(DC motor) 313KB/ZL(DC motor) 313KB/WTT 313KB/BT(stepper motor)
Rotary speed 300rpm 166、326rpm 150~290rpm 0.1~300r
Picture 	313KB/ZLX(DC motor) 313KB/ZL(DC motor) 313KB/WTT 313KB/BT(stepper motor)
Tube 24#(ID6.4*Wall 2.4mm)
35#(ID7.9*Wall 2.4mm)
Flow rate 975-1433ml/min 537-1738ml/min 467~1380ml/min ≤1500ml/min
Power 32W 32W 32W 24W
Motor type DC planetary gear motor DC gear motor DC brushless motor Stepper motor

Fitted with DC speed board t

o fine tune speed(adapted PWM)

Coming with speed motor

Optional any speed

 board OfJIHPUM

Voltage 12V、24V 12V、24V 24V 6~36V
Weight 620g  735g  615g 920g
Material PA66
Roller Material Swiss high-function plastic

313KB/ZLX Dimension

313KB/ZLX Dimension

313KB/ZL Dimension

313KB/ZL Dimension

313KB/WTT Dimension
313KB/WTT Dimension
313KB/BT Dimension
313KB/BT Dimension
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