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313KB Easy Load ≤1738mL/min

■ Straight-line type peristaltic pump, to realize relative short route of pumped fluid. 
■ Pressing-tube structure is dismountable, easy and convenient tube replacement.   
■ 3-roller design with low pulse and big flow rate.
■ Compact structure, small space occupation.
■ Several types of motors available, it can meet your application requirements.

■Coming with mounting board.

■Certified by CE、UL、RoHS and so on.

Flow Rate(ml/min,medium:clean water)
Motor DC planetary gear motor DC gear motor DC brushless speed motor Stepper motor
Rotary Speed 300rpm 166rpm 326rpm 150~290rpm 0-300rpm
24#(6.4×2.4) 975  537 1055 467-902 0-975
35#(7.9×2.4) 1433 885 1738 714-1380

Transport Detergent: Washing Machines, Dishwashers Analytical Instruments: Analytical Instruments 
Injection Printing Equipment: Delivery Ink Food Machinery: Beverage Machine,Cola syrup machine
Kitchen Equipment Laundry Equipment

◆Researched and developed by JIHPUMP Co., LTD, its technology is advanced and quality reliable.
◆ Entrance and exit of pumping fluid are straight-line, In the vertical fluid route system, the route is shorter.
◆ Dismountable press-tubing structure, to ensures that operator change tubing very quickly 
◆ 3-roller design, to ensure that flow rate not decrease.
◆ Compact structure design, occupies relative small space and offers more possibility for your system ‘s minimization.
◆ Loaded tubing 24# & 35# of wall 2.4mm and transfer viscous fluid easily. 
◆ Mounted stepper motor, DC gear motor, DC planetary gear motor & DC brushless planetary gear motor.
◆ On the pump base, there are mounting holes, so customers have no need to mount mounting panel, which saves application cost

Item 313KB/ZLX(DC motor) 313KB/ZL(DC motor) 313KB/WTT 313KB/BT(stepper motor)
Rotary speed 300rpm 166、326rpm 150~290rpm 0.1~300r
Picture 	313KB/ZLX(DC motor) 313KB/ZL(DC motor) 313KB/WTT 313KB/BT(stepper motor)
Tube 24#(ID6.4*Wall 2.4mm)
35#(ID7.9*Wall 2.4mm)
Flow rate 975-1433ml/min 537-1738ml/min 467~1380ml/min ≤1500ml/min
Power 32W 32W 32W 24W
Motor type DC planetary gear motor DC gear motor DC brushless motor Stepper motor
Drive Fitted with DC speed board to fine tune speed(adapted PWM) Coming with speed motor

Optional any speed board Of

Voltage 12V、24V 12V、24V 24V 6~36V
Weight 620g  735g  615g 920g
Material PA66
Roller Material Swiss high-function plastic

313KB/ZLX Dimension

313KB/ZLX Dimension

313KB/ZL Dimension

313KB/ZL Dimension

313KB/WTT Dimension
313KB/WTT Dimension
313KB/BT Dimension
313KB/BT Dimension