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603K Easy Load ≤1920mL/min

■Press-tubing structure is dismountable, to realize easy and convenient tube replacement

■3-roller with stable flow rate, to ensure that flow rate not decrease in controllable range.

■Fitted with stepper motor, DC gear motor, DC planetary gear motor and DC brushless speed motor.

■It can be loaded 24#、35# and 36# tube (2.4mm wall thickness), and transfer viscous liquid.

■Adapt to connector slot, stable connecting and loading and unloading easily.

■Straight-line design, coming with mounting holes, so customers have no need to install the board.

■Equipped with direct connector, right-angle connector, tube direction can be changed easily

Flow Rate(ml/min,medium:water)
Motor DC planetary gear motor DC gear motor DC brushless speed motor Stepper motor
Rotary speed
150rpm 300rpm 166rpm 326rpm 150~290rpm 0~300rpm
440 970 540 1010 410~880 0~910
600 1300 730 1430 590~1240 0~1270
800 1710 950 1920 720~1550 0~1650

Transport Detergent: Washing Machines, Dishwashers Analytical Instruments: Analytical Instruments 
Injection Printing Equipment: Delivery Ink Food Machinery: Beverage Machine,Coffee machine
Kitchen Equipment Laundry Equipment


Max Flow Rate is up to 1920ml/min.   
Suitable for 24#,35# and 36# tube
Loading and unloading pump cover and changing tube is easy.  
Fixed speed DC gear motor, DC planetary gear motor, stepper motor and DC brushless speed motor(with controller), among them, stepper motor and DC brushless speed motor can make motor operate, long-life and low-noise.
The stepper motor can meet the demand of motor long life and low noise running.   
◆Crust Material: PC、PA66   
◆Roller Material:Nylon+MoS2 

Item  603K/ZLX 603K/ZL 603K/WTT 603K/BT
Rotary speed  150r、300rpm 166r、326rpm 150~290rpm  0.1~300rpm
Picture  603K/ZLX 603K/ZL 603K/WTT 603K/BT
Tube 24#(ID6.4*wall2.4mm),35#(ID 7.9* wall2.4mm),36#(ID 9.6* wall2.4mm)
Flow 800~1710ml/min 950~1920ml/min 720~1550ml/min ≤931ml/min
Power ≤32W ≤32W ≤24W ≤32W
Motor Type DC planetary gear motor DC gear motor DC brushless speed motor. 57 Stepper motor
Drive Pump coming with mounting plate (mounting hole 4-Φ4.5) Pump coming with mounting plate(mounting hole 4-Φ4.5)

Optional any speed board Of

Voltage 24V(12V optional) 24V (12V optional) 24V 6~36V
Weight 622g 750g 622g 922g

603K/BT Dimension
603K/BT Dimension
603K/WTT Dimension
603K/WTT Dimension
603K/ZL Dimension
603K/ZL Dimension

603K/ZLX Dimension
603K/ZLX Dimension
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