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204K Easy Load ≤750mL/min
204K is a high-performance OEM peristaltic pump, applicable to home appliances, food machinery, chemical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, electronic equipment, analytical instruments and feeding equipment. Compared with normal type, it has low noise, long life and high voltage resistance advantages.

Flow rate(ml/min,medium:clean water)
Motor DC planetary motor  DC gear motor  Stepper motor Synchronous motor  
Motor speed 150-300 50 120 160 300 0-300 5 10 30 60 100
15#(4.8×9.6) 225-425 82.5 198 219 495 0-425 6 12 36 72 165
25#(4.8×8) 240-495 92 220 245 398 0-495 6.5 13 37 77 183
17#(6.4×9.6) 360-750 130 312 415 685 0-750 9.5 19 57 115 260
24#(6.4×11.2) 336-700 115 277 376 709 0-700 12 24 68 140 230

Transport Detergent:Washing Machines,Dishwashers Analytical Instruments:Analytical Instruments Injection
Printing Equipment:Delivery Ink Food Machinery:Beverage Machine
Warewashing Equipment:Warewashing Equipment  Laundry Equipment:Laundry Equipment t


1. Max flow rate is up to 750ml/min
2.Max Inside Diameter (ID) is up to 6.4mm
3.Loading and unloading pump cover and changing tubes is easy. 
4..DC gear motor(fixed speed),DC planetary gear motor, AC synchronous motor and stepper motor(adjustable speed) in optional.
5. The stepper motor has longer life and lower noise.  colors for pump cover is in optional (blue and transparent, if no request we will delivery in random)
Housing material: PC & PA66
Roller bracket:PPS
Roller material:PA66 & MoS2

Declaration for model selection

1.If you operate at intervals, require little for flow rate accuracy, control cost seriously, please select DC gear motor or AC synchronous motor; If you require to control flow rate seriously and long-life motor, you can choose stepper motor.
2.For continuous long-term operation, please work at low speed (within 160r).
3.It can operate in long term.
4. Loaded with imported silicone tube and 0.68uF capacitor, only do stepper motor operate at internal.

Item 204K/ZLX-B16
Description B is for transparent pump cover,L is for blue pump cover
16 is for tube wall 1.6mm,24 is for wall 2.4mm
Speed   150、300r 160r、300r 0.1-300r  5r、10r、30r、60r、100r
Picture 204K/ZLX 204K/ZLX 204K/BT 204K/TB
Picture 204K/ZLX 204K/ZLX 204K/BT 204K/TB
Tubing 25#(ID 4.8×wall 1.6mm),17#(ID 6.4×wall 1.6mm),15#(ID 4.8×wall 2.4mm), 24#(ID 6.4× wall 2.4mm)
Flow rate 109-750ml/min 38~709ml/min ≤750ml/min 3.75~210ml/min
Roller 2 working rollers & 2 guiding rollers 
Power   6-16W 6-16W 25-50W 14W
Motor  DC planetary gear motor  DC gear motor  57 type stepper motor(It can AC synchronous
Drive  It can be equipped with controller to fine tune speed   Any JIHPUMP controller is in optional It can operate when accessed to electric circuit.
Voltage 24V (12V optional) 6~36V 220V50HZ(110V 60HZ optional) 
Weight 499g 734g 899g 729g

104KA Dimension

104KA Dimension

Hole size of installation panel

Hole size of installation panel

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