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101K Easy Load ≤200mL/min
101K easy load peristaltic pump with compact size, convenient installation tube. Installing single or double channel is optional. This pump can fitted with DC gear motor, stepper motor, AC synchronous motor, and meet a variety of different applications of technology.

Flow rate (ml/min,medium:clean water)
Model 101K/ZL-D
Motor Micro DC gear motor Stepper motor  AC synchronous motor
Tube 50rpm 100rpm 150rpm 0-300rpm 5rpm 10rpm 30rpm 50rpm
2×1 7.9 15.3 24 0-28 0.8 1.6 4.8 7.9
3×1 14 25 42 0-42 1.5 3 9 14
4×1 15 29 45 0-55 1.6 3.2 9.5 15
14# 5.6 11 18 0-34 0.6 1.2 3.6 5.6
16#( single channel) 18 35 54 0-95 1.8 3.6 10.8 18
25#( single channel) 35 70 105 0-200 3.5 7 21 35

Transferring detergent: washing machines, dishwashers  Analytical instruments: analyzer for sampling.
Printing equipment: transferring ink Food machinery: beverage machine 
Kitchen equipment Laundry equipment
Car wash Equipment Analytical Equipment


  ◆Maximum flow rate up to 200ml/min.
  ◆4 rollers with low pulse for standard.
  ◆1mm and 1.6mm tube wall thickness is in optional.
  ◆Single or dual channel for easily and quickly loading tubes.
  ◆Fitted with ordinary DC gear motor, DC planetary gear motor stepper motor and AC synchronous motor. 

Item 101K/ZL-D10(single-channel tube with 1.0mm wall)
101K/ZL-D16(single-channel tube with 1.6mm wall)
101K/ZL-S10(dual-channel tube with 1.0mm wall)
101K/ZL-S16(dual-channel tube with 1.6mm wall)
101K/BT-D10(single-channel tube with 1.0mm wall)
101K/BT-D16(single-channel tube with 1.6mm wall)
101K/BT-S10(dual-channel tube with 1.0mm wall)
101K/BT-S16(dual-channel tube with 1.6mm wall)
101K/TB-D10 single-channel tube with 1.6mm wall)
101K/TB-D16(single-channel tube with 1.6mm wall)
101K/TB-S10(dual-channel tube with 1.0mm wall)
101K/TB-S16(dual-channel tube with 1.6mm wall
Picture 101K/ZL 101K/BT 101K/TB
Rubber pat Rubber pat
Rotary speed Standing speed:50、100、150rpm 0.1~300rpm 5、10、30、50rpm
Tube Loaded 1.0mm or 1.6mm thickness hose:2*1、3*1、4*1、14#、16#、25#
Flowrate 5.6-105ml/min ≤200ml/min 0.8-35ml/min
Rollers 4rollers
Power ≤12W ≤12W ≤7W
Motor 32 DC brush motor 42 stepper motor 50KTYZ AC synchronous motor
Drive PWM speed controller board for fine-tuning flow in optional. Speed-controller board for option. Accessed 220V AC, pump will transfer in fixed speed quantity.
Voltage DC24V(optional12V) DC6-36V AC220V50HZ(optional AC110V60HZ)
Weight 256g 407g 209g
Material Housing:PPS  Rollers: Nylon +MoS2
Remark Noise55-80dB Noise ≤45dB Noise ≤45dB

 101K Dimension
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