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JIHPUMP New 104KA Mini Peristaltic Pump

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104KA mini peristaltic pump is a new design and R&D upgrade product produced by Jieheng company based on 104K. The appearance of this 104KA mini peristaltic pump is more fashionable, beautiful, richer in configuration, more mature and stable in performance, reliable and stable in operation, longer in service life, and more accurate in fluid delivery. The new product is a blend of Jieheng ten years peristaltic pump design R&D and manufacturing experience precipitation, design concept and application of more advanced processing technology, has advanced experimental verification of the climate and environment simulation test and all kinds of harsh, so as to raise the new peristaltic pump conveying precision, reliability and continuous use life.

104KA type micro peristaltic pump is widely used in analytical instruments, laboratory, food machinery, water treatment, medical equipment, biological medicine, petroleum chemical, civil electrical electronic and mechanical industry, printing ink, industrial automation and other industries.

Product brief:
- 104KA is an updated product of 104K, all of the configuration complete coverage of 104K, fully compatible with the 104K.
The design concept and application of more advanced processing technology - the delivery of higher precision, longer service life.
- through the comprehensive testing and strict verification, the performance is more mature and stable, more stable and reliable operation.
In the assembly of 3 specifications (14#, 16#, 25# hose), transfer rate up to 279ml/min.
Pump cover - beautiful fashion, multicolor optional (blue, yellow, purple, red, transparent, easy operation of the visual monitoring).
- pump cover with anti reversal protection design of reverse locking buckle and additional matching, to ensure long-term stable operation.
- 2 rollers and 4 rollers (optional 2 round hose longer more flow, 4 wheel conveying lower pulse).
In the peristaltic pump application accessibility: provide the perfect drive control system, installation and pipeline connection scheme.

Supporting installation diagram:

Piping connection diagram:


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