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Chongqing Jieheng  Peristaltic Pumps Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Jieheng Peristaltic Pumps Co., Ltd. ,also called JIHPUMP, is certified by ISO9001 quality system, the main products are certified by CE, some products have owned ROHS certification and food certification and had import and export right. Founded in 2006, the registered capital of 3 million RMB, the factory is located in Chongqing Airport Jinguan Industrial Park, and built nearly 3,000 square meters of standard factory buildings and office areas. JIHPUMP has advanced processing manufacturing technology, and strong R & D strength. With two automatic production lines and five semi-automatic production lines,  an annual capacity of JIHPUMP can reach millions of dollars. At present, JIHPUMP has obtained dozens of national patents and software copyright! And maintain developing 3 to 5 new products every year.

JIHPUMP committed to health-level peristaltic pump technology research and development, production and marketing in past 10 years. We provide customers with high-quality products, contactless tube transferring technology and professional after-sales service as our own responsibility. JIHPUMP has set Technology Department, Quality Department, R & D Department, Marketing Department, Manufacturing Department, General Department and Finance Department. It is our marketing colleagues’ responsibility to recommend appropriate product; It is our manufacturing colleagues’ responsibility to provide customers with products with high degree of consistency of the product; It is our R&D colleagues’ responsibility to design suitable products for customers.

With years of peristaltic pump professional development and manufacturing experience of the precipitation, JIHPUMP has established a "JIHPUMP peristaltic pump" brand, and become one of minority manufacturers which can independently research and develop capabilities. JIHPUMP can provide a complete pump head, peristaltic pump, ODM R & D and professional manufacturers for OEM. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of JIHPUMP’s products operating well around the world for customers to accurately transport non-polluting media. JIHPUMP’s products have become alternative of imported high-end applications .

We strictly follow the ISO9001 standard to design and manufacture, adhering to the purpose "professional integrity and fast" to provide you with services, trying best to provide users with better products, knowledge and services. We strictly rely on third-party testing and certification, and continuously improve product quality to meet a variety of demanding application requirements.

JIHPUMP peristaltic pump has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, fine chemicals, metallurgical, atomic energy industry, water treatment, environmental engineering, food machinery, scientific research and many common areas. Peristaltic pump has high degree of adaptability for some special applications. We are trying to provide the market with "easy clean and control" of products and high-quality service. Our JIHPUMP adhere to the "continuous innovation" R&D philosophy, rely on mature team management , new development results and unique features , which are providing customers with more value-added services.

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